This blog has been reduced to a collection of scans from my humble book collection, mainly consisting of SF, horror and fantasy. Most of it isn’t particulary rare or hard to come by but there are some nice covers here for you to browse, download or whatever.

I’m also updating a page dedicated to record all the fiction books I read each year. Again it’s mainly genre-related but not always. This serves no purpose other than to satisfy my own curiosity but again you are free to browse and wonder at my amazing taste.

Thanks for looking.

Simon (somewhere in London, UK)


3 responses to “About

  • john

    good stuff, I love old Horror pulps. What would be your favorite?

  • Simon

    Well you can’t go far wrong with Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. For a slightly more modern style then Charles Beaumont comes to mind or you could go back a bit further to William Hope Hodgeson and MR James. What are your faves?

  • John

    Wow, you really know your stuff! Id have to go with Beaumont as well. Ive also been on a Twilight Zone kick as of late, which brings him to mind.

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